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99 Things Every Female Traveler Should Know

From practical travel tips to tips for inner travel peace, the following is a long (very long) list of everything we think a female traveler should know in order to get the most out of a travel experience.
And since the list pretty much explains itself, here we go!
1. How to embrace your natural self.
2. Less is more when it comes to packing.
3. You are your own best security alarm.
4. Dressing modest is important in many parts of the world.
5. Dressing modest is about more than following a dress code.
6. You’re braver than you think.
7. A big scarf is your new best friend.
8. It’s all about the accessories.
9. Comfortable walking shoes. Enough said.
10. Confidence speaks volumes.
#12 - Traveling solo is not the end of the world.
11. Traveling with friends is not always the bright and happy adventure you thought it would be.
12. Traveling solo is not the end of the world.
13. Shower flip flops. Always.
14. People are generally helpful across the globe.
15. If you can’t carry your own luggage, you’ve packed too much.
16. The most stressful moments sometimes end up being the best.
17. Communication happens with more than just words.
18. Make an attempt in the local language. It will be appreciated.
19. Your feet were made for walking. They’re the best way to explore a city.
20. If it doesn’t scare you, you’re not human.
#22 - You can survive with less than you think.
21. Money is money. Memories are everything.
22. You can survive with less than you think.
23. Take other traveler recommendations with a grain of salt.
24. Respecting the culture comes first.
25. Researching common travel scams can save you from exploitation.
26. That said, travel scams can happen to anyone.
27. Travel is a marathon. Packing in too much too quick will lead to exhaustion.
28. You don’t have to do it all.
29. Live in the moment as much as possible.
30. Put down the technology.
#30 - Put down the technology.
31. Enjoy the journey.
32. Economy class will never be comfortable.
33. Laughter is the best medicine when plans get interrupted, delayed, etc.
34. Plan for jet lag. It’s real!
35. Street food is usually the best food.
36. Layers, layers, layers.
37. Budget travel is great, but small splurges in the name of safety are worth it.
38. Leggings add warmth, modesty, comfort, and style to a travel wardrobe.
39. Ditch the guidebook every once in a while.
40. You will change; people back home will not.
#43 - The world is a freaking beautiful place.
41. Travel friendly snacks. They can alter the course of a long journey.
42. It’s OK to take a vacation from your vacation.
43. The world is a freaking beautiful place.
44. Falling in love with a place, a culture, a person on the road… is inevitable.
45. Women just aren’t treated the same in some countries.
46. There is such a thing as tourist prices.
47. Hostels are excellent places to find new travel friends.
48. You’re never more than a plane ticket from home.
49. Homesickness happens.
50. You don’t need as much make-up as you think.
#50 - You don't need as much makeup as you think.
51. A Skype call to someone back home can make a big difference.
52. Leave the hair dryer at home.
53. Learn how to haggle.
54. Realize when it’s not worth haggling.
55. People at home will tell you it’s too dangerous to travel (solo or otherwise). It’s not.
56. It’s ok to change your plans, stay somewhere longer, or leave earlier if you want.
57. A book is a great dinner companion.
58. A digital book is even better for packing.
59. Take lots of pictures.
60. But don’t spend your travel time posting them all to Facebook.
#61 - Travel makes you more confident.
61. Travel will make you more confident.
62. If you get overwhelmed, stop and take a deep breath.
63. You can’t prepare for everything.
64. Don’t expect things in other countries to be like they are at home.
65. The overnight bus/train/plane is not always worth the savings.
66. Use sunscreen.
67. Wear a hat in the sun, even if you hate hats.
68. Try the Diva Cup.
69. It’s not a fashion show.
70. Don’t plan too much. Lots of great experiences come out of spontaneity.
#70 - Don't plan too much.
71. Show up early for the bus, train, or plane.
72. But be prepared to wait from time to time.
73. Always carry tissues in your pocket or purse.
74. The art of squat toilets.
75. The art of saying no, and meaning it.
76. Plastic bags are a hostel dorm room nightmare.
77. Memories are the best souvenirs.
78. Your passport is worth its weight in gold; protect it.
79. Baggage restrictions vary; do your research in advance to avoid check-in drama.
80. You can never have too many hair ties.
#86 - How to read a map the old fashioned way.
81. A watch is still a handy way to keep track of time (and time differences).
82. Travel with kids is still a possibility.
83. Packing cubes.
84. Alcohol in moderation.

85. Travel insurance may sound like a waste of money, until it’s not.
86. How to read maps the old fashioned way.
87. Leave the valuables at home.
88. Investing in quality travel gear may cost more, but is often more worthwhile in the long-run.
89. Sometimes it’s OK to leave the to-do list at home.
90. Travel inspires creativity and reinvigorates your soul.
#92 - How to follow your own path.
91. How to be open-minded.
92. How to follow your own path.
93. People watching is a cheap way to explore a culture.
94. Don’t drink the water unless you’re sure it’s safe.
95. Airport security is easier when you’re organized.
96. To not set unreal expectations.
97. Get outside your comfort zone.
98. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
99. Travel is what you make of it.
And now, we’d love to know: What would be your #100? Share it below!
99 Things Every Female Traveler Should Know

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